Year of the Tiger Signet Rings…
As we draw closer to the end of the Luna Year of the Tiger , we offer a limited collection of signet rings featuring natural tourmalines and emeralds in a melange of colors set in contemporary style with a bezel setting mounted on a rounded band. These stylish rings have been waiting in the wings for their debut and will make a perfect little gift of glamour with which to adorn yourself this holiday season...         This a limited collection and no two are alike so shop early!

Tourmaline V Cocktail Ring
Azure Emerald Pear Drop Signet Ring
Checker Cut Hunter Green Tourmaline Signet Ring
Wine Tourmaline Oval Signet Ring
Azure Emerald Oval Signet Ring
Red Currant Oval Tourmaline Signet Ring
Pink Tiger Tourmaline Ring
Azure Emerald Cut Tourmaline Signet Ring
Azure Emerald Cushion Cut Signet Ring
Azure Emerald Pear Drop Signet Ring
Multi Tourmaline Duo Band
Azure Emerald Long Oval Signet Ring
Green Tourmaline Pear Drop Signet Ring
Green Tourmaline Teal Sapphire Baguette Band
Mint Cirque Tourmaline Signet Ring
Mink Tourmaline Signet Ring