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Ruby Enamel Cats Eye Cuff BraceletRuby Enamel Cats Eye Cuff Bracelet
Blackened Diamond BangleBlackened Diamond Bangle
Blackened Diamond Bangle Sale price$800.00
Jaipur Atelier The Ruby Filigree BangleJaipur Atelier The Ruby Filigree Bangle
Ruby Filigree Gold Bangle Sale price$7,500.00
Babu Bracelet BanglesBabu Bracelet Bangles
Babu Bracelet Bangles Sale price$1,150.00
Pink Sapphire Bangle-Bangles-Jaipur AtelierPink Sapphire Bangle
Pink Sapphire Bangle Sale price$2,100.00
Burmese Ruby Pink Sapphire Diamond Gold BraceletBurmese Ruby Pink Sapphire Diamond Gold Bracelet
Rose Cut Diamond S BangleRose Cut Diamond S Bangle
Rose Cut Diamond S Bangle Sale price$1,250.00
Jaipur Atelier Maharani Pearl CuffJaipur Atelier Maharani Pearl Cuff
Maharani Pearl Cuff Sale price$1,250.00
Art Deco Cuff Diamond BraceletJaipur Atelier Cuff Diamond Bracelet
Art Deco Cuff Diamond Bracelet Sale price$1,550.00
Sapphire S BangleSapphire S Bangle
Sapphire S Bangle Sale price$1,150.00
Aquamarine Emerald Cut Bracelet-Bracelet-Jaipur AtelierAquamarine Emerald Cut Bracelet-Bracelet-Jaipur Atelier
Pink Sapphire Baguette BanglePink Sapphire Baguette Bangle
Pink Sapphire Baguette Bangle Sale price$1,450.00
Pink Coral Gold Pearl Bracelet
Sapphire Oval BangleSapphire Oval Bangle-Bangle-Jaipur Atelier
Sapphire Oval Bangle Sale price$1,950.00
Sapphire Baguette BangleSapphire Baguette Bangle
Sapphire Baguette Bangle Sale price$900.00
Black Jett Pearl Gold BraceletBlack Jett Pearl Gold Bracelet
Sapphire Diamond BangleSapphire Diamond Bangle-Bangle-Jaipur Atelier
Sapphire Diamond Bangle Sale price$2,800.00
Baby Snake BanglesBaby Snake Bangles
Baby Snake Bangles Sale price$150.00
Ruby Baguette BangleRuby Baguette Bangle
Ruby Baguette Bangle Sale price$850.00
Diamond Melange Bangle CuffDiamond Melange Bangle Cuff
Diamond Melange Bangle Cuff Sale price$38,000.00
Jaipur Atelier Emerald & Diamond CuffJaipur Atelier Emerald & Diamond Cuff
Emerald Diamond Cuff Sale price$1,800.00
Snake Chain Diamond BraceletSnake Chain Diamond Bracelet
Black Diamond Baguette BangleBlack Diamond Baguette Bangle
Black Diamond Baguette Bangle Sale price$1,450.00
Ruby Rush Chain BraceletRuby Rush Chain Bracelet
Ruby Rush Chain Bracelet Sale price$450.00
Daisy Chain Diamond BraceletDaisy Chain Diamond Bracelet