According to Vedic Astrology, the Wearing of Certain Gem Stones Representing the Cosmos Aligns Mind, Body and Spirit with the Planets and is therefore Believed to Have a Beneficial Effect on the Wearer.
The Planets Correspond as follows: Ruby | Sun • Pearl | Moon • Emerald | Mercury •
Yellow Sapphire | Jupiter • Blue Sapphire | Saturn • Diamond | Venus • Coral | Mars •
with the Ascending and Descending Nodes of the Moon Represented by Hessonite and Cats Eye.
Yellow Sapphire Navratan Astrology Ring
Ruby Navratan Astrology Gold Ring
Emerald Navratan Astrology Gold Ring
Cats Eye Navratan Astrology Gold Ring
Petit Ruby Navratan Hammered Gold Ring
Petit Sapphire Navratan Hammered Gold Ring
Rainbow Sapphire Vedic Demi Band
Hessonite Orange Garnet Navratan Ring
Emerald Oval Navratan Ring
Oval Cats Eye Dome Ring