Newly arrived from The Pink City to our Los Angeles Showroom...
Opal Diamond Cluster Petite Pendant
Ruby Diamond Sun Pendant
Ruby Ring Pendant
Emerald Diamond Tear Drop Cluster Pendant
Sapphire Diamond Cluster Pendant
Sapphire Diamond Sun Pendant
Sapphire Ring Pendant
Baby I’m a Star Diamond Pendant
Opal Ruby Drop Earrings
Diamond Hammer Chandelier Earrings
Laxmi Ruby Studs
Yellow Sapphire White Filigree Band
Lulu Ruby Cirque Hoops
Pink Tiger Tourmaline Ring
Pink Ruby Glitter Globe Ring
Rose Quartz Rose Gold Star Diamond DBD Ring
Tourmaline V Cocktail Ring
Tanzanite White Gold Emerald Cut Studs
Purple Amethyst Cirque Earrings
Mint Cirque Tourmaline Signet Ring
Petit Emerald Cross Pendant
Ethereal Emerald Diamond Dress Ring
Emerald S Ring
Emerald Cross Drop Earrings
Emerald Cross Stud Earrings
Green Tourmaline Teal Sapphire Baguette Band
Teal Blue Sapphire Dress Ring
Sea Foam Emerald Diamond Claw Ring
Azure Emerald Long Oval Signet Ring
Multi Tourmaline Duo Band
Azure Emerald Cushion Cut Signet Ring
Azure Emerald Cut Tourmaline Signet Ring
Azure Emerald Oval Signet Ring
Checker Cut Hunter Green Tourmaline Signet Ring
Azure Emerald Pear Drop Signet Ring
Green Tourmaline Pear Drop Signet Ring
Petit Jai Oval Sapphire Stud Earrings
Lulu Emerald Peardrop Hoops
Diamond Cats Eye Tag Pendant
Lulu Opal Hoops
Red Currant Oval Tourmaline Signet Ring
Golden Orange Moonstone Drop Earrings
Emerald Matte Gold Filigree Studs
Yellow Diamond Glitter Globe Ring
Reversible Emerald Pink Ruby Star Earrings
Mink Tourmaline Signet Ring
Emerald Tiger Cocktail Ring
Gold Tiger Band
Blue Sapphire Glitter Globe Ring
Wine Tourmaline Oval Signet Ring
Purple Aquaprase Teal Sapphire Fringe Cocktail Ring
Sapphire Crystal Diamond Cocktail Ring
Orange Sapphire Glitter Globe Ring
Star 5 Diamond Pendant
Ruby Diamond Luna Pendant
Diamond Cosmos Pendant
Tree of Life Elle Filigree Gold Pendant
Ruby Diamond Cats Eye Tag Pendant
Aquamarine Droplet Chain Earrings
Butterfly Diamond Drop Earrings
Emerald DBD Dome Cocktail Ring
Ruby Diamond Eye Pendant
Mosaic Crystal Ruby Diamond Cocktail Ring
Black Diamond Glitter Globe Ring
Diaphanous Diamonds Hoops
Ruby Diamond Black Eye Pendant
Black Moon Diamond Pendant-Pendant-Jaipur Atelier
Reversible Rajasthan Emerald Ruby Gold Star Pendant
Tree of Life Bijoux Gold Pendant
Diaphanous Diamonds Trio Hoops
Diaphanous Diamonds Pear Drop Chandelier Earrings
Diaphanous Diamonds Abstract Drop Earrings Sold
Diaphanous Diamond Firefly Studs
Diaphanous Diamonds Petit Floral Studs
Ruby Rajasthan Gold Stud Earrings
Sapphire Hammered Gold  Band
Diaphanous Diamonds Curvee Dress Ring
Moonstone Diamond DBD Ring
Yellow Sapphire DBD Diamond Ring
Diamond Tiger Star Pendant
Diaphanous Diamonds Flower Ring
Crystal Cloud Diamond Dome Ring
Tiger Bomba Diamond Cocktail Ring
Ruby Diamond DBD Ring
Pink Sapphire Diamond DBD Ring
Golden Diamond Diaphanous Long Drops
Diaphanous Diamonds Hoop Earrings
Golden Diaphanous Diamonds Doublet Hoops
Black Onyx Buddha Cocktail Ring
Diaphanous Diamonds Cirque Chandelier Earrings
Orange Sapphire Tsavorite Diamond Dress Ring
Emerald Diamond DBD Ring
Pyrite  Gold Diamond DBD  Ring
Labradorite Buddha Cocktail Ring
Pink Morganite Emerald Drop Earrings
Emerald Grey Sapphire Dome Ring
Ruby Diamond Daisy Coin Cocktail Ring
Ruby Diamond Lotus Coin Cocktail Ring
Garnet Diamond Bolt Band
Hessonite Orange Garnet Navratan Ring
Ruby Cluster Ring
Nouveau Garnet Diamond Ring
Garnet Oval Cut Stud Earrings-Earrings-Jaipur Atelier
Ruby Diamond Dress Ring
Jessica Ruby Abstract Hoops
Pink Ruby Diamond Coin Cocktail Ring
Checker Cut Ruby Ring
Ruby Rose Panorama Band
Ruby Oval Dome Ring
Ruby Swirl Band
The Honeycomb Magenta Sapphire Ring
Tourmaline Diamond Drop Earrings
Floating Emerald and Diamond Dress Ring
Emerald Cats Eye Diamond Dress Ring
Emerald Cluster Ring
Pink Tourmaline Emerald Enamel Ring
Certified Emerald Pear Drop Pendant
Green and Pink Tourmaline Enamel Ring
Jessica Emerald Abstract Hoops
Certified Emerald Chandelier Earrings
Diamond Duo Open Band
Diamond Suspension Drop Earrings
Honeycomb White Sapphire Ring
Polki Diamond Drop Earrings
Diamond Maharani Cocktail Ring
Ice Blue Sapphire Eternity Band
Emerald Enamel Band
Mother Of Pearl Diamond Earrings
Petite Jai Tsavorite Eternity Band
Morganite Diamond Ring
Aqua Verde Diamond Dress Ring
Jerry Ice Blue Sapphire Hoop Earrings
Diamond Band Blanc Noir Diamond Floral Cocktail Ring
White Sapphire Star Stud Earrings
Ice Sapphire Stud Earrings
Tanzanite Spin Band
White Spinel Dress Ring
Ice Blue Sapphire Stud Earrings
Ice Blue Sapphire Diamond Baguette Band
Ice Blue Sapphire Baguette Band Ring
Aquamarine Emerald Drop Earrings
Diamond Cirque Chandelier Earrings
Diamond Cirque Locket Pendant
Glacier White Sapphire Eternity Band
Ice Blue Sapphire Diamond Baguette Stick Earrings
Yellow Sapphire Signet Band
Honeycomb Yellow Sapphire Ring
Jaipur Atelier Black Heart Tribal Pendant
Blanc Noir Diamond Floral Cocktail Ring
Yellow Sapphire Diamond Flower Ring
Yellow Sapphire Diamond Trio Hoop Earrings
Yellow Sapphire Trio Demi Ring
Crystal Gold Cap Pendant
Emerald Diamond Aquaprase Drop Earrings
Sapphire Rose Panorama Band
Emerald Ruby Filigree Cirque Earrings
Rose Sapphire Swirl Band
Rose Sapphire Filigree Band
Oval Labradorite Dome Ring
Sapphire Abstract Floral Stud Earrings
Milly Sapphire Abstract Hook Earrings
Jessica Sapphire Abstract Hoops
Sapphire Cross Drop Earrings
Sapphire Cats Eyes Dress Ring
Sapphire Duo Open Band
Sapphire Diamond Dress Ring
Blue Sapphire Trio Demi Ring
Petit Jai Sapphire Dress Ring
Blue Sapphire Cluster Ring
Honeycomb Blue Sapphire Ring
Honeycomb Purple Sapphire Ring.
Purple Amethyst Diamond Lily Band
Blue Moonstone Diamond Pear Statement Ring
Labradorite Dome Cocktail Ring
Sapphire Diamond Trio Hoop Earrings
Oval Cats Eye Dome Ring
Abstract Citrine & Diamond Ring
Tanzanite Diamond Enamel Dress Ring
Diaphanous Diamonds Rose Cut Pendant
Golden Rutilated Quartz Rani Ring
Diaphanous Diamonds Cirque Earrings
Pink Sapphire Eternity Band
Rose Moonstone Eternity Band
Petite Sapphire Pendant
Emerald Petite Pendant
Emerald Cross Pendant
Pink Sapphire Diamond Cluster Pendant
Petite Ruby Diamond Cluster Pendant
Ruby Cross Pendant