Due to the unique way our jewels are crafted, we prefer to undertake them ourselves. Minor repairs will be done on a complimentary or nominal basis in Los Angeles. Major repairs will be undertaken in Jaipur. Please email us for details.


Our gemstones are natural which means that they may have ‘inclusions’ and 'jardins'. These only serve to enhance the unique quality of the gem and are part of their character and beauty.

Your jewelry will stay beautiful for many years by taking a few simple precautions... Store jewelry pieces separately to avoid metal/stone abrasion and damage - even diamonds can fracture if hit with enough force at the right angle. Do not expose it to extreme temperatures or harsh chemicals. Some wear and tear on the piece is normal with regular wear and only serves to enhance the beauty and story of your jewel. 


Some of our designs feature gold plating and in order to produce a beautiful, high quality and hard wearing finish, we use 3 Micron 24 Karat Gold Plating. To put this in perspective, heavy gold plating is considered to be 2.5 micron and up...
We expect your piece to remain beautiful for many years to come but in the case that it does require re-plating, we offer this service on a complimentary basis.