Jaipur Atelier Project Balunda


Project Balunda supports girls education, women headed houses and vulnerable seniors in the village of Balunda where our Balunda Baubles collection is made. We undertake specific projects to benefit the whole community in addition to providing monthly pensions for nine families with the stipulation that the girls of the family must attend school. Currently all projects are self funded by Jaipur Atelier. Our emphasis is on the importance of valuing and educating girls and so with that in mind, our plans for 2019 are to build an English only curriculum school in Balunda so that the girls of the village may have the same opportunity as girls in a city. Details of our completed projects and updates on the English school are available and it would be our pleasure to keep you updated. Please email us   sales@jaipuratelier.com

Your donation is 100% tax deductible.Project Balunda is a registered non profit charity. 100% of your donation goes to help.