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Petit Jai Diamond Buckle RingPetit Jai Diamond Buckle Ring
Glacier Diamond Crystal PendantGlacier Diamond Crystal Pendant
Jaipur Atelier Diamond Toothpick EarringsJaipur Atelier Diamond Toothpick Earrings
Diamond Tiger Claw NecklaceDiamond Tiger Claw Necklace
Diamond Tiger Claw Necklace Sale price$3,200.00
Rear Diamond Cirque StudsRear Diamond Cirque Studs
Rear Diamond Cirque Studs Sale price$1,650.00
Laura White Diamond Pearl Earrings-Earrings-Jaipur AtelierLaura White Diamond Pearl Earrings
Petit Jai T Bar Diamond BandPetit Jai T Bar Diamond Band
Rose Cut Diamond S BandRose Cut Diamond S Band
Rose Cut Diamond S Band Sale price$550.00
Diamond Demi Bubble BandBlack Diamond Seven Stack Ring-Ring-Jaipur Atelier
Diamond Demi Bubble Band Sale price$250.00
Diamond Starburst Single StudDiamond Starburst Single Stud
Glacier Moonstone Diamond DBD RingGlacier Moonstone Diamond DBD Ring
Diamond Star StudsDiamond Star Studs
Diamond Star Studs Sale price$450.00
Diamond Abacus RingDiamond Abacus Ring
Diamond Abacus Ring Sale priceFrom $350.00
Diaphanous Diamond Band-Ring-Jaipur Atelier
Diaphanous Diamonds Gold Band Sale price$1,650.00
Petit Jai White Diamond Suspension RingPetit Jai White Diamond Suspension Ring
Black Diamond Eternity Band-Ring-Jaipur AtelierWhite Diamond Eternity Band-Ring-Jaipur Atelier
Diamond Eternity Band Sale priceFrom $750.00
White Wave Diamond Band-Ring-Jaipur AtelierDiamond Wave Band
Diamond Wave Band Sale price$200.00
Black Diamond Three Stack Ring-Ring-Jaipur AtelierBlack Diamond Three Stack Ring-Ring-Jaipur Atelier
Diamond Demi Set BandDiamond Demi Set Band
Diamond Demi Set Band Sale priceFrom $350.00
Diamond Doublet RingDiamond Doublet Ring
Diamond Doublet Ring Sale price$450.00
Matte Grey Diamond V EarringsJaipur Atelier Matte Grey Diamond 'V' Earrings
Matte Grey Diamond V Earrings Sale price$1,250.00
Diamond Cut BandDiamond Cut Band
Diamond Cut Band Sale price$200.00
Black White Cirque Band-Ring-Jaipur AtelierBlack White Cirque Band-Ring-Jaipur Atelier
Black White Cirque Band Sale price$250.00
Diamond Four Signet Ring-Ring-Jaipur AtelierDiamond Four Signet Ring
Diamond Four Signet Ring Sale price$450.00
Petit Jai Diamond Solo Stack RingPetit Jai Diamond Solo Stack Ring
Laura Black Diamond Pearl Earrings-Earrings-Jaipur AtelierLaura Black Diamond Pearl Earrings
Diamond Chain Hex Earrings-Earrings-Jaipur AtelierDiamond Chain Hex Earrings-Earrings-Jaipur Atelier
Black Diamond Trois Baguette Band-Ring-Jaipur AtelierBlack Diamond Trois Baguette Band-Ring-Jaipur Atelier
Black Diamond Solo Baguette Band-Ring-Jaipur AtelierBlack Diamond Solo Baguette Band-Ring-Jaipur Atelier
Black Diamond Baguette Hoops-Earrings-Jaipur AtelierBlack Diamond Baguette Hoops-Earrings-Jaipur Atelier
Black Moon Diamond Pendant-Pendant-Jaipur AtelierBlack Moon Diamond Pendant-Pendant-Jaipur Atelier
Black Moon Diamond Pendant Sale price$3,200.00
Brilliant Cut Petal Eternity Band-Ring-Jaipur AtelierBrilliant Cut Petal Eternity Band
Diaphanous Diamond Pearl Drop Earrings-Earrings-Jaipur AtelierDiaphanous Diamond Pearl Drop Earrings-Earrings-Jaipur Atelier
Nikki Star Brilliant Luxe RingNikki Star Brilliant Luxe Ring
Nikki Star Brilliant Luxe Ring Sale price$1,350.00
Diamond Flower Cross Gold ChainDiamond Flower Cross on Diamond Chain-Pendant-Jaipur Atelier
Ferris Wheel RingFerris Wheel Ring
Ferris Wheel Ring Sale price$450.00
Brilliant Black BandJaipur Atelier Brilliant Black Diamond Band
Brilliant Black Band Sale price$1,650.00
Jaipur Atelier The Yellow Nikki StarJaipur Atelier The Yellow Nikki Star
Jaipur Atelier The Black Nikki StarJaipur Atelier The Black Nikki Star
Jaipur Atelier The White Nikki StarJaipur Atelier The White Nikki Star
Jaipur Atelier JAJ897 Abstract Grey DiamondAbstract Grey Diamond Ring
Abstract Grey Diamond Ring Sale price$750.00
Jaipur Atelier Lady JaggerJaipur Atelier Lady Jagger
Jaipur Atelier Grey Diamond Baguette BandJaipur Atelier Grey Diamond Baguette Band
Grey Diamond Baguette Band Sale price$1,650.00
Clover Bow Diamond HoopsClover Bow Diamond Hoops
Clover Bow Diamond Hoops Sale price$1,150.00
Diamond Hammer BandDiamond Hammer Band
Diamond Hammer Band Sale price$250.00
Diamond Bubble BandDiamond Bubble Band
Diamond Bubble Band Sale price$350.00
Emerald Cross Stud EarringsEmerald Cross Stud Earrings
Emerald Cross Stud Earrings Sale price$450.00
Emerald Cross Drop EarringsEmerald Cross Drop Earrings
Emerald Cross Drop Earrings Sale price$450.00