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Diaphanous Diamond Pearl Drop Earrings-Earrings-Jaipur AtelierDiaphanous Diamond Pearl Drop Earrings-Earrings-Jaipur Atelier
Rajasthani Star Gold Studs-Earrings-Jaipur AtelierRajasthani Star Gold Studs-Earrings-Jaipur Atelier
Rajasthani Star Gold Studs Sale price$1,750.00
Sakshi Gold Bauble Sleeper EarringsSakshi Gold Bauble Sleeper Earrings
Elephant Chandelier Gold Tribal EarringsElephant Chandelier Gold Tribal Earrings
Laxmi Gold Ruby Stud EarringsLaxmi Gold Ruby Stud Earrings
Laxmi Gold Ruby Stud Earrings Sale price$1,050.00
Diamond Diaphanous Oval Stud Earrings-Earrings-Jaipur AtelierDiamond Diaphanous Oval Stud Earrings-Earrings-Jaipur Atelier
Cognac Citrine Drops
Amber Citrine Drop Earrings Sale price$1,450.00
Multi Sapphire Cascade Chain EarringsMulti Sapphire Cascade Chain Earrings
Jaipur Atelier Diamond Parve Branch Stud EarringsDiamond Parve Branch Stud Earrings
Yellow Sapphire Diamond Trio Hoop EarringsYellow Sapphire Diamond Trio Hoop Earrings
Yellow Sapphire Diamond Fleur Stud EarringsYellow Sapphire Diamond Fleur Stud Earrings
Chocolate Quartz Diamond Chandelier Earrings
Jaipur Atelier Petit Filigree Hoop EarringsPetit Filigree Hoop Earrings
Petit Filigree Hoop Earrings Sale price$1,250.00
Matte Grey Diamond V EarringsJaipur Atelier Matte Grey Diamond 'V' Earrings
Matte Grey Diamond V Earrings Sale price$1,250.00
Jaipur Atelier Ball & Chain PearlsBall and Chain Pearl Drop Earrings
Diamond Chain Hex Earrings-Earrings-Jaipur AtelierDiamond Chain Hex Earrings-Earrings-Jaipur Atelier
Jaipur Atelier Diamond Toothpick EarringsJaipur Atelier Diamond Toothpick Earrings
Clover Bow Diamond HoopsClover Bow Diamond Hoops
Clover Bow Diamond Hoops Sale price$1,150.00
Petit Jai Grey Moonstone Drop EarringsPetit Jai Grey Moonstone Drop Earrings
Jaipur Atelier Diamond Catherine WheelsDiamond Catherine Wheel Earrings
Golden Diamond Diaphanous Long DropsGolden Diamond Diaphanous Long Drops
Jaipur Atelier Svelte Snake Down Ear CuffDiamond Snake Ear Cuff
Diamond Snake Ear Cuff Sale price$1,050.00
Jaipur Atelier Grey Diamond PuffsGrey Diamond Puff Ball Earrings
Jaipur Atelier Silver Elephant ChandeliersSilver Elephant Chandelier Earrings
Jaipur Double Diamond Stud Earrings
Art Deco Hexagonal Diamond HoopsArt Deco Hexagonal Diamond Hoops-Earrings-Jaipur Atelier
Jaipur Diamond Pear StudsJaipur Diamond Pear Studs
Jaipur Diamond Pear Studs Sale price$950.00
Art Deco Disc Drop EarringsArt Deco Disc Drop Earrings
Art Deco Disc Drop Earrings Sale price$3,200.00
Jaipur Atelier Art Deco Disc StudsJaipur Atelier Art Deco Disc Studs
Art Deco Diamond Disc Studs Sale price$3,200.00
Tanzanite White Gold Emerald Cut StudsTanzanite White Gold Emerald Cut Studs
Grey Diamond Chandelier EarringsGrey Diamond Chandelier Earrings
Black Diamond Baguette Hoops-Earrings-Jaipur AtelierBlack Diamond Baguette Hoops-Earrings-Jaipur Atelier
Jaipur Atelier ‘DIAPHANOUS’ BLACK SPINEL & DIAMOND OVALSBlack Spinel Diamond Oval Earrings
Black Diamond ThornsBlack Diamond Tiger Thorn Earrings
Golden Diamond Diaphanous Oval Drop Earrings-Earrings-Jaipur AtelierGolden Diaphanous Diamonds Oval Drop Earrings
Diamond Suspension Drop EarringsDiamond Suspension Drop Earrings
Sarah Black Diamond Hoop EarringsSarah Black Diamond Hoop Earrings
Black Diamond Baguette SticksBlack Diamond Baguette Sticks
Petit Jai Black Moon Stone EarringsPetit Jai Black Moon Stone Earrings
Jaipur Atelier Black Diamond Branch Stud EarringsJaipur Atelier Black Diamond Branch Stud Earrings
Diamond Star StudsDiamond Star Studs
Diamond Star Studs Sale price$450.00
Jaipur Atelier Emerald Butterfly Ear CuffEmerald Diamond Butterfly Ear Cuff
Ruby Diamond Trio Hoop EarringsRuby Diamond Trio Hoop Earrings
Black Diamond Tiger Thorn Stud EarringsBlack Diamond Thorn Lab Flat Earrings-Earrings-Jaipur Atelier
Ruby Petit Hoop EarringsRuby Petit Hoop Earrings
Ruby Petit Hoop Earrings Sale price$350.00
Ice Sapphire Stud EarringsIce Sapphire Stud Earrings
Ice Sapphire Stud Earrings Sale price$350.00
Sapphire Petit Hoop EarringsSapphire Petit Hoop Earrings
Sapphire Cross Drop EarringsSapphire Cross Drop Earrings