From $50 cashmere scarves to high jewel baubles, we have something for everyone on Santa’s list. 

Star Bag
Diamond Demi Bubble Band
Tourmaline & Diamond Black Enamel T Pendant-Necklace-Jaipur Atelier
Petit Jai T Bar Diamond Band
Petit Jai Sapphire Diamond Two Ring
Bleu Silk Block Print Quilt
Tourmaline & Diamond Burgundy Enamel T Pendant-Necklace-Jaipur Atelier
Petit Laxmi Charm Pendant
Purple Magenta Silk Block Print Quilt
Jaipur Atelier Magenta & Silver Silk Tie Dye Quilt
Jaipur Diamond Stud Earrings
Blanc Noir Diamond Floral Cocktail Ring
Jessica Sapphire Abstract Hoops
Jessica Ruby Abstract Hoops
Jessica Emerald Abstract Hoops
Sapphire Abstract Floral Stud Earrings
Petit Jai Oval Sapphire Stud Earrings
Emerald Cross Drop Earrings
Emerald Cross Stud Earrings
Crystal Gold Cap Pendant
Petit Emerald Cross Pendant
Oval Labradorite Dome Ring
Blue Sapphire Trio Demi Ring
Ice Blue Sapphire Baguette Band Ring
Yellow Sapphire Diamond Flower Ring
Yellow Sapphire Maharani Ring
Mosaic Crystal Ruby Diamond Cocktail Ring
Sapphire Flower Drop Earrings
Ice Blue Sapphire Diamond Baguette Band
Floral Sapphire Ring
Honeycomb Blue Sapphire Ring
Blackened Diamond Bangle
Honeycomb Yellow Sapphire Ring
Honeycomb White Sapphire Ring
Honeycomb Purple Sapphire Ring.
The Honeycomb Magenta Sapphire Ring
Diamond Cirque Locket Pendant
Garnet Diamond Bolt Band
Floating Emerald and Diamond Dress Ring
Pink Tourmaline Emerald Enamel Ring
Chartreuse Enamel Diamond Tourmaline  T Pendant
Ruby Baguette H Band
Sapphire Baguette H Band
Burmese Ruby Diamond Pendant
Ice Blue Sapphire Diamond Baguette Stick Earrings
Certified Emerald Pear Drop Pendant
Petit Krishna Gold Charm Pendant
Jerry Ruby Hoop Earrings
Ruby White Enamel Drop Earrings
Sapphire Rose Panorama Band
Sakshi Petite Butterfly Hoops
Sapphire Diamond Trio Hoop Earrings
Gold Dimples Ring
Emerald Maharani Ring
Jerry Sapphire Hoop Earrings
Jerry Emerald Hoop Earrings
Rose Cut Diamond S Band
Jerry Diaphanous Diamonds Hoop Earrings
Sapphire S Bangle
Rose Cut Diamond S Bangle
Diamond Abacus Ring
Diamond Bubble Band
Diamond Hammer Band
Emerald Spin Band
Ruby Baguette Sticks
Petit Jai Pink Sapphire Ring
Petit Jai Ruby Star Stud Earrings
Black Diamond Disc Pendant-Pendant-Jaipur Atelier
Pink Sapphire Bangle-Bangles-Jaipur Atelier
Pink Diamond Star Ring-Ring-Jaipur Atelier
Emerald Diamond Cluster Certified Dress Ring
Pearl Emerald Kundan Gold Studs
Petit Jai Diamond Buckle Ring
Sapphire Lightening Ring-Ring-Jaipur Atelier
Petit Jai White Diamond Suspension Ring
Petit Jai Ruby Cirque Earrings
Diaphanous Diamonds Rose Cut Pendant
White Wave Diamond Band-Ring-Jaipur Atelier
Black Diamond Three Stack Ring-Ring-Jaipur Atelier
Diamond Cut Band
Black White Cirque Band-Ring-Jaipur Atelier
Diamond Four Signet Ring-Ring-Jaipur Atelier
Emerald Sapphire Diamond Pinky Ring-Ring-Jaipur Atelier
Sapphire Signet Ring-Ring-Jaipur Atelier
Petit Jai Pink Tourmaline Ring
Petit Jai Emerald Flower Four Earrings
Petit Jai Pink Sapphire Studs
Emerald Cheval Pendant-Necklace-Jaipur Atelier
Petit Jai Black Moon Stone Earrings
Garnet Oval Cut Stud Earrings-Earrings-Jaipur Atelier
Petit Jai Sapphire Branch Ring
Laura White Diamond Pearl Earrings-Earrings-Jaipur Atelier
Laura Black Diamond Pearl Earrings-Earrings-Jaipur Atelier
Diamond Chain Hex Earrings-Earrings-Jaipur Atelier
Sapphire Cheval Pendant
Yellow Sapphire Diamond Chandelier Earrings-Earrings-Jaipur Atelier
Emerald Baguette Hoop Earrings-Earrings-Jaipur Atelier
Ruby Baguette Hoop Earrings-Earrings-Jaipur Atelier
Charcoal  Snow Silk Tie Dye Quilt
Gunnu Black Diamond Signet Ring
Gunnu Pink Sapphire Signet Ring
Gunnu Sapphire Signet Ring
Black Diamond Trois Baguette Band-Ring-Jaipur Atelier
Emerald Baguette Herringbone Studs-Earrings-Jaipur Atelier
Black Diamond Solo Baguette Band-Ring-Jaipur Atelier
Petit Jai Ruby Diamond Four Ring
Maharajah Accent Cushions <br> Set of Four
Petit Jai Sapphire Four Ring
Sapphire Diamond Baguette Inlay Band
Petit Jai Sapphire Seven Ring
Emerald Baguette Bangle
Tourmaline Diamond Drop Earrings
Diaphanous Diamond Pearl Drop Earrings-Earrings-Jaipur Atelier
Diaphanous Diamond Teardrop Studs-Earrings-Jaipur Atelier
Petit Jai Sapphire Six Ring
Diamond Diaphanous Oval Stud Earrings-Earrings-Jaipur Atelier
Sapphire Baguette Sticks
Petit Jai Emerald Orange Enamel Ring
Petit Jai Sapphire Diamond Earrings
Petit Jai Sapphire Diamond Ten Ring
Petit Jai Emerald Seven Ring
Petit Jai Sapphire Eight Ring
Petit Jai Sapphire Three Ring
Petit Jai Sapphire Nine Ring
Petit Jai Pink Spinel Diamond Ring-Ring-Jaipur Atelier
Petit Jai Sapphire Diamond One Ring
Petit Jai Emerald Diamond One Ring
Petit Jai Emerald Diamond Six Ring
Kashmiri Luxury Cashmere Shawl Cream
Petit Jai Ruby Two Ring
Petit Jai Emerald Five Ring
Petit Jai Emerald Enamel Four Ring
Petit Jai Sapphire Strike One Earrings
Rainbow Moonstone Rani Ring
Pink Moonstone Rani Ring
Petit Jai Garnet Trillion Earrings
Petit Jai Sapphire Strike Three Earrings
Snow White Silk Linen Ethereal Shawl
Petit Jai Sapphire Strike Two Earrings
Jaipur Atelier Emerald Baby Quilt Throw
Petit Jai Emerald Envy Two Earrings
Tourmaline Diamond Hunter Green Enamel T Pendant
The Kerala Kaftan
Tourmaline Diamond Pink Enamel T Pendant
Gia Silk Floral Shawl
Petit Jai Grey Moonstone Drop Earrings
Shannon Silk Kaftan 14
Petit Jai Ruby Two Earrings
Burgundy Imperial Kaftan
Jaipur Atelier Diamond Toothpick Earrings
Jaipur Atelier Peony Baby Quilt Throw
Petit Jai Ruby Three Earrings
Petit Jai Moon Blush Three Earrings
Emerald Navy Silk Tie Dye Quilt
Rock N Roll Regal Diamond Bolt Ring
Jaipur Atelier Black & Blue Tanzanite & Diamond Cross
Petit Jai Moon Blush One Earrings
Labradorite Buddha Cocktail Ring
Jaipur Atelier The Elizabeth Pendant
Jaipur Atelier Prince Baby Quilt Throw
Royal Family Rock Royalty Diamond Ring-Ring-Jaipur Atelier
Jaipur Atelier The Black Nikki Star
Onyx Snow Silk Tie Dye Quilt
Jaipur Atelier The White Nikki Star
Jaipur Atelier The Yellow Nikki Star
Jaipur Atelier Lady Jagger
Mint Green Navy Silk Tie Dye Quilt
Jaipur Atelier Malerie's Lover
Jaipur Atelier The Natasha
Jaipur Atelier Grey Diamond Puffs
Jaipur Atelier Polo Lounge Imperial Accent Cushions
Grey Diamond Chandelier Earrings
Babu Bracelet Bangles
Jaipur Atelier Polo Player Imperial Accent Cushions
Jerry Ice Blue Sapphire Hoop Earrings
White Sapphire Star Stud Earrings
Yellow Sapphire Signet Band
Ice Sapphire Stud Earrings
Aquamarine Emerald Drop Earrings
Diamond Duo Open Band
Morganite Diamond Ring
Petite Jai Tsavorite Eternity Band
Sapphire Duo Open Band
Sapphire Diamond Dress Ring
Petit Jai Sapphire Dress Ring
Emerald Cats Eye Diamond Dress Ring
Hessonite Orange Garnet Navratan Ring
Yellow Sapphire Trio Demi Ring
Pink Ruby Diamond Coin Cocktail Ring
Polki Diamond Drop Earrings
Diamond Suspension Drop Earrings
Labradorite Dome Cocktail Ring
Baroque Pearl Ruby Tear Drop Earrings
Kashmiri Luxury Cashmere Shawl Peony
Kashmiri Luxury Cashmere Shawl Burnt Orange
Kashmiri Luxury Cashmere Shawl Mahoghany
Kashmiri Luxury Cashmere Shawl Emerald Green
Black Onyx Buddha Cocktail Ring
Pink Morganite Emerald Drop Earrings