Jaipur Atelier's Collection Of Kaftan's Featuring The 'Shannon' - Washed Silk Boho Chic Style, To The Ornate Glamour Of The Imperial Kaftan-A Stylish Ikkat Print Trimmed With Silk Tapestry And The Luminous Gold and Cream Simplicity Of The Kerala Kaftan.
Bobba Slate Silk Kaftan
Bobba Onyx Silk Kaftan
Bobba Orange Silk Kaftan
Satu Saffron Short Belted Kaftan
Satu Ivory Short Belted Kaftan
Satu Onyx Short Belted Kaftan
Mega Pink Peony Ombre Kaftan
Mega Bruin Beige Ombre Kaftan
The Kerala Kaftan
Shannon Silk Kaftan 14
Burgundy Imperial Kaftan