The October Edit stars the extraordinary beauty of Opals,Tourmalines and Spinel.

DBD Pink Opal Diamond Ring
Tourmaline Diamond Geo Ring
Black Opal Diamond Studs
Pink Opal Choker
Green and Pink Tourmaline Enamel Ring
Tourmaline Diamond Drop Earrings
White Spinel Dress Ring
Jaipur Atelier Flower Power Opal
Mauve Tourmaline Stick Earrings-Earrings-Jaipur Atelier
Pink Tourmaline Emerald Enamel Ring
Petit Jai Pink Tourmaline Ring
Jaipur Atelier Petit Peardrop Tourmaline Ring
Jaipur Atelier Pink Tourmaline White Diamond Petit Pinky Ring
Tsavorite Opal Floral Ring
Chartreuse Enamel Diamond Tourmaline  T Pendant
Opal Diamond Floral Chandelier Earrings
Black Spinel Chain
Pink Opal Twist Choker
Tourmaline & Diamond Black Enamel T Pendant-Necklace-Jaipur Atelier
Opal Diamond Dress Ring
Mauve Spinel Chain Drop Earrings
Petit Jai Pink Spinel Diamond Ring-Ring-Jaipur Atelier
Hunter Green Tourmaline Necklace
Pink Tourmaline Diamond T Drop Earrings-Earrings-Jaipur Atelier
Amber Brown Tourmaline Necklace
Tourmaline & Diamond Burgundy Enamel T Pendant-Necklace-Jaipur Atelier
Pink Sapphire Diamond Snake Locket
Tourmaline Diamond Hunter Green Enamel T Pendant
Violet Tourmaline and Diamond Flower Cocktail Ring
Tourmaline Diamond Pink Enamel T Pendant
Jaipur Atelier Rose Tourmaline Choker
Emerald & Diamond T Pendant-Pendant-Jaipur Atelier
Tourmaline Diamond Concave Cocktail Ring
Jaipur Atelier mauve tourmaline petit signet ring
Jaipur Atelier Multi Sapphire Snake Pendant
Jaipur Atelier Octopussy
Jaipur Atelier Black Heart Tribal Pendant
Tourmaline Star Diamond Chandelier Earrings
Opal Diamond Oval Drop Earrings
Aquamarine Diamond Black Spinel Hoop Earrings
Opal Emerald Drop Earrings
Opal Ruby Drop Earrings
Opal Diamond Ruby Cocktail Ring
Opal Moonstone Cluster Ring
Golden Orange Moonstone Drop Earrings