Jaipur Atelier Project Balunda 


 We currently have nine families on pension - all of them, with the exception of two families are women headed house holds or vulnerable seniors with no children. In traditional tribal society, the children would take care of their parents as they age. FIve of the families, have small school age children-all of them have daughters and we stipulate that in order to receive a pension, the girls must go to school -so if the family needs help in the fields, we provide a day laborer for them so that the girl will not be removed from school. We have two families who are exceptions- a senior man who lives with his mentally ill adult daughter and a man who needs a double hip replacement-we plan on providing the funds to do this in the first part of 2019 so he can then return to work and support his family.  If you would like to support a family, please click below. Your donation is 100% tax deductible.