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Blond Citrine Mogul Ring

Sale price$750.00

Blond Citrine Mogul Ring is based on a design used by the Moguls of India, the original ring featured the royal seal which could be flipped upside down in order to imprint the royal seal of approval. Our mogul ring has been reimagined in a contemporary style with semi-precious gemstones and features word engraving.

- Checker cut blond citrine with the word "STOP" engraved on the bottom bar of the ring.
- 22 karat gold overlay silver.
- Length approx. 25mm | Width approx. 15mm |Depth approx. 4mm |Total depth approx. 50mm.
- Sizes 6, 7 and 8. Please email us for available stock sizes.

Color:Blond Citrine
Blond Citrine Mogul Ring
Blond Citrine Mogul Ring Sale price$750.00